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Bright Bottles

This was another easy springtime project I put together based on some Pinterest inspiration. All it took was a 50¢ Good Will bottle and some acrylic paint. You just drop the paint in, shake the bottle around and then let it drip dry upside down.

I didn’t decide until about halfway through that I wanted to use two different colors, but I think the end result is pretty cool. The colors bled together a little and ended up in a neat swirly pattern. My only regret was not waiting long enough for the bottle to dry before trying to put flowers in it. Trust me, it will take WAY longer than you’d think. I’d let it sit upside down for at least a week if I were to do it over again.

glass bottle from good willglass bottle painted green and yellow

I love the colors – they just scream SPRING! The paint also makes the neat detailing on the outside of the bottle show up better. Very cool. I can’t wait to be using flowers out of our garden to brighten up our table this summer. Have you tried the latest craze in bottle painting? What colors would you use?

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