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bumpdate: 32 weeks

Happy happy Friday! It’s been a bit quiet around here on Makingmine, but I can assure you life has been anything but calm offline, haha! In case I wasn’t already, I’m DEFINITELY feeling pregnant these days. I feel constant pressure down low, so I think she may have dropped (or maybe she’s just getting heavy).

32 week pregnant baby bump
Pregnancy is weird.
After yoga on Tuesday night, baby decided to try to make a big move from the right side of my belly (where she’s always been) over to the left side. It was incredibly painful, but I tried to make the journey for her a little easier by drawing a bath and laying on my left side. After about 30 minutes of excruciating pain (reminded me of back labor with Eleanor), I gave up and switched to my right side. She slid right back into her old position and hasn’t tried again since – we’ll see if I regret this decision in a few weeks!

  32 week pregnant baby bump
32 Week Survey

This week, baby is the size of a: squash

Due date: May 1

Gender: Another sweet girl!

Exercise: Exercise wasn’t a priority this week and it showed! I only made it to the gym once and one Mommy Fitness class. I really don’t want to slow down, so I’m making a point to schedule it in this coming week!

Maternity clothes: Yikes. I have 1 pair of pants that fit and all my shirts now show about 3 inches of belly – that’s totally fashionable, right?! ;)

Belly button: Out, out, out!

Sleep: Other than bathroom trips and leg cramps, no complaints!

Food cravings/aversions: My sweet tooth prevails! ;)

Symptoms: My symptoms are exactly what you’d expect for 32 weeks pregnant – round ligament pain, a little back pain, can’t breathe when I bend over, etc. Oh, and in preparation for another round of breastfeeding, my chest has started leaking – I don’t remember that happening with Eleanor, but I could be mistaken.

Movement: She’s still super active, but it’s clear she’s running out of space. Her movements can be pretty uncomfortable these days, but I still cherish them because I know I’ll miss it when she’s on the outside :)

Labor signs: Nope

What I miss: Not feeling like a blimp

What I’m loving: I am LOVING that I have sweet friends who are throwing me a “Baby Sprinkle” this weekend! I’m so excited to celebrate my little lady :)

32 week pregnant baby bump
Your turn:

Any suggestions for moving a baby? Ideally she’d be on the left side before I go into labor
What are your weekend plans?

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