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bumpdate: 34 weeks

Hello and happy Friday! It’s crazy to think that we only have a few of these bumpdates left! Jeff and I took a childbirth refresher course last night and it was really nice to concentrate on our littlest lady. I’m a bit anxious for labor and delivery, but mostly I’m just ready to get the party started, haha! I am just so excited to meet her!

34 week pregnant belly bump

34 Week Survey

This week, baby is the size of a: cantaloupe

Due date: May 1

Gender: Another sweet girl!

Exercise: I haven’t been so great about getting to the gym, but with this warmer weather I’ve been enjoying walks around the neighborhood. Yoga with Mommy Fitness is still a must though!

Maternity clothes: It’s dress weather! :)

Belly button: Out, out, out!

Sleep: Pretty crappy, but exactly what I’d expect at this stage. I’m up drinking water and going pee – regular pregnant lady stuff

Food cravings/aversions: None really – I just get full really fast now that I’m running out of room in there!

Symptoms: I’ve honestly been feeling GREAT the past couple of weeks. I swear this warmer weather has changed everything! I do have some serious cankles by evening though – pretty cute ;)

Movement: She is still super active! I can’t believe how much she’s still able to shift around despite getting fairly cramped in there. I took a pretty awesome video of her moving last week – you can see it here on Instagram. Pregnancy is amazing!

Labor signs: Nope

What I miss: I honestly have been in a wonderful state of mind lately and haven’t been missing much. I guess I miss being able to go any length of time without having to pee

What I’m loving: Wrapping up lose ends with baby prep – we got our new bassinet set up, the double stroller, and a few other baby essentials. Hospital bags are up next!

34 week pregnant belly bump

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