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bumpdate: 38 weeks

It’s Friday! And hopefully my last “bumpdate!” I’m 38 weeks today with our little lady, and I’m feeling awesome! I honestly have no complaints except that I’m getting REALLY impatient to meet my baby. I would really love to give her hugs and kisses rather than carry her in my belly at this point ;)

38 week pregnant baby belly
38 Week Survey

This week, baby is the size of a: pumpkin

Due date: May 1

Gender: Another sweet girl!

Exercise: Great! I got my butt kicked at Prenatal Cardio and Strength at Mommy Fitness. I’ve been absolutely LOVING their classes, but I’m going to scale back to only Prenatal Yoga until the baby comes – I really don’t want to be sore while in labor! Other than that, I’ve been swimming at Life Time and walking with the fam :)

Maternity clothes: Nothing fits – my belly shows in everything! Dresses are my saving grace!

Belly button: Out, out, out!

Sleep: Not bad – just lots of bathroom trips!

Food cravings/aversions: None – I just need to eat small meals often or my blood sugar gets all wonky

Symptoms: Some back pain, but really no complaints!

Movement: I can’t believe how active she continues to be! I still feel (and see) BIG movements across my belly. She’s head down and hanging out on my right side.

Labor signs: Nope

What I miss: Being able to move with a bit more grace than a walrus ;)

What I’m loving: Being SO close to holding my little lady!

38 week pregnant baby belly

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