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As you may have noticed, Makingmine received a makeover! My talented husband Jeff made my vision a reality and designed a brand new look for the blog! He's the technical brains behind Murnan Creative, and I'm lucky enough to nab his help when he's between clients! The blue icons above will now filter posts based [...]

1 week down!

student teaching

It's Monday! And that means I'm starting week 2 of my student teaching adventure. Week 1 was a complete whirlwind. Good or bad, my days with 22 kindergarteners flew by and I barely had the chance to miss Eleanor. I was able to hold myself together and didn't cry until I saw her after school [...]

back in the classroom

student teaching

**Totally meant to get this posted before I headed out the door this morning, but I ran out of time. Day 1 was great! Tiring, but great!** Today marks the 1st BIG change of 2014 - I'm headed back to the classroom for a semester of student teaching! I finished my coursework in April, so [...]

Since moving back to Omaha in April, I have been so astounded by all of the amazing events this city has to offer! There has hardly been a weekend where Jeff and I haven't found something fun to do in the community. Omaha is lucky to have a theater specializing in family friendly shows! The Rose [...]

Some of my favorite fieldwork experiences while getting my teaching degree were in the 3 and 4 year old preschool rooms. Kids at this age are so honest and unfiltered – plus they are just a TON of fun! My favorite place to interact with the students was the dramatic play center. It was so [...]

One Word Wednesday: prep



With my semester officially complete and 2012 winding down, I've had some time to reflect on the past year. A lot has happened. I quit my job in marketing I started a teacher certification program I got married I enjoyed a honeymoon I adopted a puppy I struggled with entering college for the 2nd time [...]

finals week studying
buried under books
Classic nursery rhymes

Election Day

I Voted sticker - Wisconsin election day

It's election day in Wisconsin! After months of turmoil in the state, voters have the chance to make a positive change. So before my first cup of coffee and before perusing my blogroll, I headed to the polls to fulfill my civic duty. Five minutes of my day to make a lasting impression. Worth it? [...]

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