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earth day seedlings

This past weekend, Eleanor and I got a jumpstart on Earth Day and tested out our "green thumbs" with some little seed starters! Gardening with my parents are some of my favorite childhood memories (especially the eating part), so I was thrilled to start the same tradition with my little lady :) Together, High Mowing Seeds [...]

CSA: Week 1

CSA veggies for the week

Week 1 of our CSA share has FINALLY arrived! I picked up our share at noon and then made quick work of washing up our produce and getting it stored away. It was so exciting to unpack the box - a few of the veggies were completely foreign to J and I, but with a [...]

winter market

A couple of weeks ago J and I made a new, lasting commitment… …to a farm. Yep, here’s the story: A woman in a class of mine mentioned on the first day of class that she worked for a local farm. A few weeks later I saw her tweet about the farm and clicked through to [...]

Lunch Litter

I went shopping today with the best intentions. And we all know how that turns out… here’s what went down: I mentioned awhile ago that I wanted to find an alternative to plastic baggies for food storage. Since then, I’ve pinned all sorts of goodies that I *thought* would be the perfect solution. I narrowed it down [...]

Clean Green

So now that my plastic free kitchen is in full swing, I decided to take the next step and revamp my cleaning routine. I’m astonished by how many chemicals I’ve gotten used to using in my daily life - dusting spray, bleach, shower cleaner, swiffer floor cleaner, fabreeze, disinfecting wipes, the list goes on and [...]

Purging Plastics

Remember how I mentioned getting rid of ALL plastic in my kitchen, well spring break offered the perfect opportunity to make this goal a reality. I went through every drawer, cabinet and shelf pitching all plastics into a box. I haven’t quite decided what to do with all my old plastics. Some will be kept [...]

Purging Plastics

I’ve decided that I want to eliminate (yep- ELIMINATE) plastic from my kitchen. It’s going to be a work in progress, but I took the first step by purchasing some good ol’ Ball jars. Seriously, these little guys can do anything. You are all well aware of my obsession with simplifying my life and making [...]

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