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february coffee chat

Happy Monday everybody! If you're like us here in Omaha, you're spending today enjoying a little freedom before the snow hits and we're all stuck at home! I reeeeeeally hope this is the last snow of the season! Fingers crossed! I haven't done a good old life update in awhile, so I thought we could [...]

she’s still little

she's still little

Everly is 9 months old now, and some days she doesn't feel like much of a baby. She's off - my little adventurer, explorer. No time for snuggles, books, or games of peek-a-boo. She has a big sister to catch, and new worlds to conquer. Independent. But then there are the mornings she wakes up [...]

settling in {+ giveaway}

settling in new home

Thank you to EverydayHappy for sending me some GREAT new products and sponsoring today's giveaway! Happy Wednesday friends! I have to take a moment to THANK YOU for all of your heartfelt, thoughtful comments on yesterday's post. I read each and every one, made a list of action items, and even ordered a couple of [...]

when things don't go my way

You guys, I really (and I mean REALLY) try to keep things positive here, but lately I just haven’t been feeling very sunny. I feel stuck. Like absolutely spinning my wheels, going nowhere… stuck. Rereading my recent posts, I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme: “this busy season in our lives,” “this hectic patch,” “this stressful time.” [...]

the sleeping beauty omaha performing arts

The following post is sponsored by Omaha Performing Arts Since moving back to Omaha (3 years ago already!), Jeff and I have made a conscious effort to take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities our community has to offer. No matter the week, there's always an abundance of awesome events to choose from! Admittedly, with two [...]

The following post is sponsored by Omaha Performing Arts I think everybody can probably remember the first time they watched The Wizard of Oz. For me, I'll never forget that moment when the screen went from black and white… to epic technicolor! And the music - who could forget the music? Somewhere Over the Rainbow was [...]

born to save

voya born to save

Money. It's a topic that's been on my husband and my minds a lot lately. We've made some big financial decisions for our family recently, and although things feel a little stressful now, we are excited to be setting ourselves up for success in the future. As a family with two young girls, we're constantly [...]

to be completely honest

Our family is currently in a strange season of life - kind of stuck in limbo. We've been pretty stressed about selling the house and getting ready for our impending move.  And to be completely honest, most days I feel like my brain is functioning at about 50%! Here are a few other honest truths... To be [...]

november coffee chat

Hey there! Life has been moving a million miles a minute, and I feel like we have some catching up to do - so grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and let's chat! :) Big Move  A few weeks ago we found a house we LOVED in our ideal school district, so we took [...]

sun care and sun sense

sun care and sun sense

Thanks so much to Anna Lise from Complexion Concierge for guest posting today! Her expertise in skin care and sun safety is so important as we head into summer!  In 2013 research out of the UK found that 80% of “aging” is caused by the sun. By observing women all 50 years old, the study [...]

I wrote a few weeks ago about creating/changing up my personal skincare routine, and I actually didn't stop there. With a new baby arriving soon (hi baby Everly), I focused on the products the whole family was using and reevaluating if they were the best choices. Everyday Happy reached out to me to try a [...]

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