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Makingmine Feature

katie's cakery

We haven't done a Makingmine Feature in awhile, so I'm really excited to bring you today's post! Katie is an amazing person who I am lucky enough to call family. She is a terrific baker who creates beautiful (and delicious) cakes and is already establishing quite a name for herself! Keep reading for more on [...]

Makingmine Feature: Gelcys

Happy Friday! Jeff and I had a blast at a pumpkin patch last night, and I'm so excited for another great fall weekend - isn't it the best time of year! I'm also excited to share today's Makingmine Feature! I connected with Gelcys through Sweat Pink and found her journey to be really inspiring - definitely [...]

Happy Friday! We've finally made it to the weekend! Jeff and I have a busy couple of days ahead of us but it's going to be filled with family and fun, so we're really excited! Today's Makingmine Feature is Lesley Moore. Lesley has an amazing story - take a look at everything she's been checking [...]

I'm so excited to share today's Makingmine feature! I first connected with Sarah through Sweat Pink before stalking her Instagram photos of her adorable dog and the gorgeous runs and hikes she takes throughout the week. I love reading Sarah's blog Sweet Miles because I can relate to her in so many ways. I just know [...]

Annie Brees

We're back with another Makingmine Feature - a new series where each Friday I’ll feature someone who’s making the most of their life and share their story. Big or small we all have something to share. I'm so excited to introduce you to Annie Brees. She's a fellow Iowa girl and Sweat Pink Sister! I've really enjoyed learning a bit about her through [...]

Makingmine Feature: Amber Vokt

"Makingmine" means taking control of your life to pursue your passions and follow your dreams. Whether it's creating your own business, challenging your body through exercise, becoming the best parent possible, finding a job you love, or volunteering on the weekends, we ALL have something that brings us joy and makes us unique. As a new [...]

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