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The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. Earlier this summer I found myself in a totally new (and horribly uncomfortable) situation. I experienced my first running injury with a hip that wouldn't allow me to stride forward without excruciating pain. I made a few rookie runner mistakes like not being [...]

family dining pledge

Did you know that kids who eat at home are more likely to try new foods? Or that eating in three meals a week (rather than going out) saves a family of four approximately $2000 per year? Did you know that kids who eat with their families eat more nutritiously? Why am I sharing these facts [...]

cat in the hat rose theater omaha

Make sure to read through the end -  there's great free surprise for all Dr. Seuss lovers! :)  As I mentioned yesterday, I attended a fantastic performance of The Cat in the Hat at the Rose Theater on Friday. It was a special preview performance before the BIG opening night, so I was joined by a [...]

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