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Tweet from @joannaolson

Sure, Twitter is fun for following random celebrities, checking out what friends are up to/eating, and getting the latest news, but I recently experienced the true power and reach of social media. Check it out... Yesterday I went to Crate and Barrel in search of candle holders (yes, I'm just THAT exciting) and realized that [...]

Memorial Day Weekend

memorial day weekend at the lake sunset

J and I had a great Memorial Day Weekend - just the right combination of relaxing and fun! We hit up some of our favorite Milwaukee hot spots (watermelon and berry beer, anyone?) and even got to meet up with some college friends at a lake near Madison. Get J next to a body of [...]

Study Break!

Repurposed Treasures

I told you about our trip out to Chuck’s Bargain Barn earlier this week, so now it’s time to show you all what $26, 2 boxes, and a little imagination got me… 4 strawberry glasses 2 blue ball jars 5 white vases 1 glass fish plate 1 milk jug 2 cake plates 1 glass juicer [...]

Hidden Treasures

While J and I were back in Iowa last weekend my mom suggested we stop out to Chuck’s Bargain Barn. It’s a local staple for dirt cheap, secondhand goods. Surprisingly, I had never actually been there myself. I was amazed when we pulled up the gravel driveway to see a HUGE series of barns literally [...]

Study Chic

My new office space is complete. Simple and elegant - I love it. A perfect place to set up shop and get some work done :)

Happy New Year!

Latest Love

No matter what my reason is for being at the mall, I can never just walk by Sephora. That store is like my very own version Disneyland - pretty things everywhere! Most of the time I can muster up the strength not to actually buy anything, but when I saw the new OPI colors, I couldn’t help but [...]

When J and I moved to Milwaukee, we started a Wisconsin Bucket List which includes all sorts of “Wisonsin-y” things to do (most of which include food and/or beer). We made quite a bit of progress checking things off our list this summer - riding the Milwaukee loop, visiting the Joan of Arc chapel, and [...]

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