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wrapping paper using comic book paper and washi tape

J and I decided early on that we didn't want to do extravagant gifts, but we did want to give each other something meaningful the day of our wedding. I set myself a $50 budget and got to work. My gift had two parts - one sentimental and one fun. Both were uniquely "us." The [...]

card catalog seating cards for wedding

One of the biggest wedding tasks was creating our seating cards. Following the theme set forth by our guest favors, we decided to add a library twist to our seating cards. Yep, you read that right - library. Stay with me here.... I promise it will make more sense. I envisioned using library cards and [...]

typewriter guestbook for wedding "type a note to the newlyweds"

Out of all of the prep I did for the wedding - the guest book was by FAR my favorite. After deciding to give a book donation in lieu of traditional favors, I had books, pages and text on my mind. Enter the guest book idea: a typewriter. My vision was to find a vintage [...]

strawberry sangria served at wedding

J and I wanted to do something a little different for the bar, so we served a signature drink that was uniquely "us" to our guests - strawberry sangria (yum!) It was a beautiful pink color and was displayed in a large glass decanter atop the bar. Each drink was garnished with a strawberry of [...]

wedding guest favors bookmarks

J and I knew from the start that we wanted to do something a little different for our guest favors at the reception. We wrestled with a few different ideas before finally landing on something that just felt right. In lieu of traditional favors we opted to give book donations to each of our elementary [...]

bridal gown

Purchasing my gown really put the rest of my planning in motion. Once I had a clear picture of how J and I were going to look on our wedding day, every other decision easily fell into place. I found my gown at Stacey's Bridal in Des Moines, IA. Oddly enough, it's the same boutique [...]

12 Months of Cupcakes

12 cupcake kits for every month in a year

For one of my bridal showers, my sister put together an absolutely adorable gift that was me through and through - 12 months of cupcakes. She knows that I LOVE to bake, and I used to often show up to her apartment in Iowa City bearing sweets, namely cupcakes. She also knows that I am [...]

It’s great to be back!

exiting the church as mr and mrs murnan

After a whirlwind of a summer, it's great to be back! So much has happened since my last measly Summerfest post. First and foremost... J and I finally tied the knot. Our wedding day was everything I imagined and more. Thinking back to all of my memories from August 11 is surreal - we had [...]

One Word Wednesday: love

wedding honeymoon and new puppy
stack of wedding invitations

The wedding invites are out! With help from my mom a couple of weekends ago (yes, this post is late), we got our huge stack of wedding invitations stamped, stuffed and addressed! It took the two of us about 5 hours to complete the task - not too shabby if you ask me! J and [...]

Eenie meenie miney moe

On our 7 hour road trip back to Milwaukee, J and I turned to podcasts to pass the time. After exhausting the fitness/health genre, we turned to TED Talks. We both are avid watchers of the TED videos, and we enjoyed listening to the podcasts just as much. There was one particular podcast that seemed [...]

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