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flavor on tap at chef^2

We had another great weekend here in Omaha! It was half glorious spring and half miserable winter. Ah well, that’s Nebraska, right?!

My weekend kicked off on Thursday night with a girls’ night with friends at Midtown Crossing! I LOVE this area of Omaha and can’t believe how much it has changed since college! Am I getting old?

chef^2 midtown crossing omaha
April’s Primetime event was at Chef^2, a family owned and operated shop specializing in oils and vinegars. This store is especially unique because almost everything for sale is on tap. You can sample anything and everything before picking your favorite and filling a bottle (or two).

A fantastic cooking demo was put on by hilarious (yet super informative) husband and wife team Jim and Patty Trebbien. As a trained chef, Jim put his expertise to work in the kitchen while Patty pulled from her research as a dietician to offer insight into the health benefits of oils and vinegars.

chef^2 midtown crossing omaha
It was really interesting to hear about the Mediterranean diet and get to try a variety of different combinations. We sampled from the following four-course menu:

1.French baguette with Italian herb olive oil and lemon salt.

2.Mixed greens with a blueberry balsamic and blood orange vinaigrette.

3.Seven grain orzo pasta with sun dried tomato pesto and smoked serrano salt.

4.Ice cream with a chocolate balsamic reduction.

My dairy-free diet meant no ice cream for me, but the rest of the meal more than made up for it! OHMYGOODNESS, it was all delicious!

chef^2 midtown crossing omaha
If I HAD to pick a favorite, I would have to say that the salad dressing was best. I plan on taking Jeff back later this week to pick out a few new combinations for our summer salads! We also plan on serving the Italian herb olive oil with lemon salt at Easter lunch this weekend.

One of Chef^2 most popular offerings is their flavored popcorns for sale during summer events at Midtown Crossing. My friend Erin bought some truffle salt to use with olive oil on her popcorn – I hear it’s pretty amazing!

chef^2 midtown crossing omaha
The coolest part of Chef^2 is that it has something for everybody. Whether you’re a seasoned cook who is interested in layering flavors in your dishes, or just someone like me who is looking for something new to drizzle on a dish or two, you can find what you need!

I can’t wait to head back soon to stock up our pantry with some fun new finds!

I hear Midtown Crossing is cooking up something exciting for May’s Primetime event, so I’ll be sure to pass along info as soon as it’s available!

Your turn:

What do you want to learn more about in the kitchen?
What’s your favorite way to get together with girlfriends?


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