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chicago weekend

Hello and HAPPY Monday! We took a weekend trip to Chicago this weekend and although we don’t want to see the inside of a car for a LOOOOOOONG time, we had an absolutely wonderful time!

On Friday morning we hit the road with my parents to celebrate the marriage of Raf, the foreign exchange student from Brazil we hosted back in 1992 (when I was 4 years old). So basically, my big brother :)

chicago weekend
Miss Eleanor did great in the car! The steady stream of snacks definitely helped ;)

There was a donut shop called Glazed and Infused next-door to our hotel, so can you guess the first thing I did when we arrived?

chicago weekend
Friday night was the family dinner hosted at an amazing Italian restaurant and Saturday it was time for shopping!

Besides all of our favorite restaurants, the biggest thing I miss about living in Milwaukee is having access to a Crate and Barrel. I could spend all day in that store. I found a few good buys and also got a maternity coat for winter at Pea in a Pod.

chicago weekend
The wedding and reception were held at a beautiful little art gallery. I loved how Emily and Raf decorated – simple and full of love!

chicago weekend
And check out their awesome cake topper…

chicago weekend
It was a quick ceremony and then it was time for dinner and dancing – but not without the bride and groom first!

chicago weekend
You never know how an evening with a toddler is going to go, but Eleanor did great! My dad was a good sport and played with her in the hallway where she found a SUPER COOL ramp to go up and down over and over and over again ;)

chicago weekend
And of course, she did her share of dancing! That girl danced the night away – she really loved clapping to the beat in the middle of the crowd.

chicago weekend
We headed back to the hotel before our dancing queen crashed and woke up bright and early on Sunday morning to take a walk and do some final exploring of the city.

chicago weekend
My main objective was to see the Macy’s Christmas windows. They were unveiled this weekend, so we just had to stop by. They were fantastic and just what I needed to get in the Christmas spirit!

chicago weekend
Then it was time to pack up and begin the long trek back to Omaha! Eleanor did great in the car again – I told Jeff we need to be writing all of this wonderful behavior down to remind us when she’s an unruly teenager. We’ll at least put in a good word to Santa Claus ;)

Your turn:

How was your weekend?
Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

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