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when colds strike

Getting sick yourself is no fun, but there’s one thing that’s worse: when your husband and toddler are sick.

Our whole family caught colds a couple of weeks ago and in a word, it was miserable. It’s hard to see your little one be uncomfortable and possibly even harder to listen to your significant other whine and complain for days on end ;)

nyquil cold
My go to cold remedies?

For Eleanor, we managed her cold symptoms with some simple saline solution and the NoseFrida (I promise it’s not nearly as gross as it may seem).

nyquil cold
She was incredibly congested and breathing was difficult – especially when she wanted to suck her thumb at the same time.

nyquil cold
I let her nap on my chest for a few days, and we suctioned out her nose before bed and whenever she’d wake up through the night.

Jeff was a tougher case and required the big guns – he insists he NEVER gets sick, so he NEVER needs to take any medicine. After three sleepless nights, I finally picked up some NyQuil at Walmart and it made a world of difference. He was finally able to get the rest he so desperately needed, his cough stopped, and he was able to breathe again.

Ahhh…… sleep :)

nyquil cold
I even got him to take some DayQuil to work – I’m expecting a thank you card from his coworkers any day now ;)

nyquil cold
Our family is now on the mend and it feels WONDERFUL to have our house back to normal. But believe me – my cold and flu supplies are fully stocked in case we get hit again! :)

Your turn:

Has your family been hit by cold/flu season?
Who’s the worst patient in your house? Eleanor and I voted – here it’s Jeff ;)

*This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G

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