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commitment day 5k

Yesterday Jeff and I kicked off 2014 with the Commitment Day 5k here in Omaha! “Santa Claus” brought us registrations in our Christmas stockings (much to Jeff’s surprise, haha)! Commitment Day is a movement of family friendly races held nationwide on January 1st hosted by Life Time Fitness clubs. That Santa is one smart cookie – we couldn’t think of a better way to symbolize a happier, healthier year! :)

New Year’s Day was a chilly morning with temps around 9° and a steady snowfall. I felt kinda bad for dragging Jeff into this freezing situation, but we both bundled up and vowed to make the best of it!

We picked up our race packets and looked around the Life Time gym. Jeff and I toured this summer and I fell in love with the facility all over again – maybe 2014 will mean a membership for us! :)

commitment day 5k
The group of runners and walkers was a bit smaller than I expected, but it was still impressive for anyone willing to drag themselves out of bed on New Year’s Day and run 3 miles in the snow! We waited around inside until the very last moment! Here I am at the start line ready to get moving!

commitment day 5k
The race was supposed to be held at Werner Park, but their event staff canceled due to the temps. Life Time did a great job of reorganizing and we ended up running a route straight from the gym itself. Omaha’s Life Time sits near an amazing trail, so it worked out great! I actually much preferred this route to the one I’d run at Werner Park this fall. I hope they keep it for 2015!

commitment day 5k
The first 3/4 mile was the worst. My toes and face felt the brunt of the cold, but after awhile I stopped noticing (not sure if I warmed up or if I just went numb, haha). There were some icy spots to watch out for, but other than that, the race went incredibly smooth for both Jeff and I!

This was definitely the first time I’ve had icicles form on my face and eyelashes while running though :)

commitment day 5k
I’m so happy that I signed up for Commitment Day and that Jeff was kind enough to go along with my plan! Completing this race as a couple meant a lot – making 2014 a happy, healthy year is a whole family effort!

commitment day 5k
After a not so good record over the holidays, I’m restarting my 365 Day Fit Challenge! I’m guessing the rest of my winter fitness endeavors will take place indoors, but I’m off to a great start! Here’s to an active 2014!

Your turn:

What do you think of the “Commitment Day” idea?
How did you spend your New Year’s Day?


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