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The Extraordinary Art of Couponing {+ giveaway}

Going from a family of two to three has definitely made us reevaluate our finances. No matter how well Jeff and I thought we planned, nothing could have prepared us for the expenses of having a baby. Between diapers, doctors appointments, and daycare, growing our family has not been cheap.

Jeff and I would love to pay off our mortgage early and start saving for our future, but we have been finding ourselves with very little left in the bank each pay period. We sat down to take a critical look at our expenses and realized that we’ve cut as far back as we could in all of the obvious categories: we don’t have cable, we keep clothing purchases to a minimum, and our entertainment budget is next to nothing.

art of couponing
The biggest expenditures are our day-to-day necessities. Groceries, toiletries and diapers were taking up the lion’s share of our income. I always thought that there wasn’t anything to do about these types of expenses… was I wrong!

I got the opportunity to review fellow Omaha blogger Nicole’s book The Extraordinary Art of Couponing, and it changed my whole outlook! I was blown away by the massive savings that could be found on items I buy each and every week. In fact with her method, you can save you up to 50% on groceries per week!

Her book teaches you the basics of couponing starting with where to find coupons, how to maximize their value, and my personal favorite… how to save BIG at drug stores!

art of couponing
I’ll be completely honest and admit that as much as I want to save money, I don’t really want to spend a ton of time doing it. Nicole makes it easy to find savings at any level. I’ve dowloaded some awesome apps for my iPhone to make couponing a more user friendly for myself.

Diapers have become my favorite product to coupon. I recently sent Jeff to CVS with an amazing assortment of money saving coupons and we made out like bandits! And for any fellow Target shoppers, Nicole speaks your language. Find out how to get in and out of without putting yourself in the red!

art of couponing
One additional (and extremely awesome) area that Nicole teaches is how to shop for FREE! I have yet to achieve this, but I’ll get there someday :)

Win a copy for yourself!

One lucky Makingmine reader can win Nicole’s book and read all of her tips and tricks for free PLUS receive 200 coupons to get started! Hurry up and enter now! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to check out Nicole’s blog for more couponing goodness!

Your turn:

Where do you want to start saving money?
Do you coupon? Have any strategies to share?

*Disclosure: Nicole provided me her book free of charge


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