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farmers market find: crazy gringa hot sauce

**This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really like this hot sauce ;)

We’re nearing the end of summer and *gasp* our family JUST made it to our first Omaha’s Farmers Market a couple of weekends ago. I love the atmosphere of farmers markets, and the delicious food and fresh produce is a given. We hit up the Aksarben market midmorning on Sunday…

omaha farmers market

We wandered through each stretch of vendors scoping out all of the places we wanted to hit up. Neither of us are very pushy to grab samples, so we try to spot the “must haves.”

omaha farmers market

This trip, the Crazy Gringa Hot Sauce stand was calling our name. This should come as no surprise since Jeff prefers his food fire alarm hot and has converted me into a hot sauce lover! The woman who greeted us was super sweet and told us all about her back story and the 4 different sauces currently for sale – chipotle, jalapeño, habanero, and ghost pepper.

Obviously Jeff opted for the ghost pepper, but I was a bit more conservative and sampled the habanero. It was SO good – with just the right amount of kick! Oh, and did I mention that the chips were from La Mesa? Double yum.

crazy gringa hot sauce
Jeff gave the habanero a try and agreed that this was the bottle we should go with. Eleanor was getting restless, so we hit up the Stinson Park playground for a bit! I was trying to show her that going DOWN the slide was more fun than standing at the bottom of it. The girl has a one track mind ;)

omaha farmers market

Since we’ve had our lovely habanero hot sauce, we’ve paired it with just about everything imaginable. Here are a couple of my favorite ways:

Spicing up some turkey tacos…

crazy gringa hot sauce
Adding a kick to hard boiled eggs…

crazy gringa hot sauce
We also love it mixed in guacamole, topped on grilled veggies, sprinkled on mac & cheese and I even saw Jeff sneak some on the chicken pot pie I made last week ;)

I grabbed a few suggested recipes at the farmers market stand, but we haven’t tried any yet (on my “to-do” list). Our bottle is almost gone, so it looks like we’ll need to restock soon so the hot sauce obsession can continue!

Your turn:

Do you have any awesome farmers market finds from this year?
Do you love hot sauce? What’s your favorite brand?


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