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try it tuesday: dr. suess cookies

My mom is always finding projects for her and I to try together, so it was no surprise that she found a fun cookie recipe to make while Eleanor and I were visiting! I love baking with other people because it makes the process go faster, you can learn from each other, and it ensures that I don’t eat ALL of the final product!

She found a recipe for Dr. Suess cookies on Facebook (seriously, what can’t you find on Facebook these days) and thought they looked like fun. You can click here to see the full recipe by Cristina Page.

These colorful spiral cookies remind me of “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”


The dough part is easy – you just prepare a bag of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix and divide into 5 separate bowls to dye with food coloring. You then take the dyed dough and roll out marble sized balls in each color…


Stick together one of each color…


Roll into a larger ball…


Roll out into a cylinder and twist…




Roll in sprinkles and bake!


We had a bit of a fail and our first try didn’t turn out very pretty. We rolled out the cylinder to 12 inches like the instructions read and by the time we twisted the dough, it was WAYYYY too long! We quickly learned to only roll the cylinder out to 4 inches since the dough stretches when twisted! Want proof?


Once we got the hang of it, the whole process went really quickly. They are adorable and really tasty!


If I were to make them again, I might try our homemade sugar cookie dough because I LOVE the sour cream recipe we use! These would be perfect for a birthday party or you could change up the colors for fall, Christmas, Easter, etc!

Your turn:

What do you think of Dr. Suess cookies? Would you try a different color combination?
Do you prefer to bake by yourself, or are you like me and enjoy company? 

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