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try it tuesday: egg nog cupcakes

After experimenting with my peppermint mocha crepe recipe last week, I still had some yummy Bolthouse Farms holiday drinks on hand, so I decided to try making cupcakes! This time I decided to use the Holiday Nog. The recipe is SUPER simple, but it packs some serious Christmas goodness!

egg nog cupcakes

The cupcakes turned out beautifully with just a hint of the egg nog flavor. It’s such a basic recipe that I feel like you could swap out the egg nog for just about any flavoring!

egg nog cupcakes

The frosting didn’t turn out as stiff as I would have hoped (I prefer to pipe my cupcake frosting), but it’s still delicious! The nutmeg and cinnamon also add pretty flecks of color to the tops of the cakes.

egg nog cupcakes

egg nog cupcakes

Your turn:

Let me know if you try these recipes or if you swap out the egg nog for a different flavor (pumpkin spice maybe?)
And if you happen know a good way to stiffen up frosting without adding gobs of powdered sugar, pass along your trick! :)

*Bolthouse Farms provided me a sampling of their holiday beverages. All opinions and recipes are my own.


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