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1 year

I can’t believe I’m writing this post already… my baby girl is 1!

The past year has flown by. We’ve had our ups and downs, our struggles and successes, but it has all been worth every minute! I can’t even begin to describe the beauty that Eleanor has brought to our lives. She makes me so proud to be her mama!

We’ve grown from this…

2013 New Year

to this…

12 months of eleanor
One year ago today Jeff and I became parents. We were learning the ropes and soaking up our sweet little bundle of joy. That time as just the 3 of us in the hospital was so precious. We were exhausted, overwhelmed, and madly in love…

I look back at Eleanor’s photos and my heart aches for that teeny tiny baby.

I remember calling my mom and asking if Eleanor was sleeping too much during her first month of life. Now my arms long to hold her for an afternoon nap…

I remember coaxing her first smiles and coos which she now freely gives along with waves and claps…

I remember being so excited for her to finally fit into the 0-3 month clothing I bought. Now I blink away tears as I pack away the onesies she’s outgrown…

Each stage of babyhood is wonderful and sometimes it’s hard to let go. But if I’ve learned anything this past year it’s that life with our growing girl just keeps getting better :)

We’ll be celebrating her birthday with family and friends tomorrow, so look for a 12 month update and 1st birthday recap next week!

Now excuse me while I go squeeze my 1 year old :)


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