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eleanor: 10 months

My sweet girl is 10 months old already! Aside from a couple of slip-ups in my MSPI diet, we’ve had a fantastic month! What’s new with Eleanor? Well, she’s officially entered the “I can do it myself” stage!

10 month old baby
Eleanor loves the sense of independence she gets with self-feeding. Mealtime typically lasts for about an hour now, but Eleanor smiles after every bite and even gives a few “mmms” when it’s especially tasty. I still get excited each time I see her pinch a piece of food and successfully transfer it to her mouth! Our struggles with getting her to eat / figuring out what foods she can tolerate, make a “normal” mealtime such a joy for her dad and I.

Jeff and I have remained committed to a stricter daily routine than we have in previous months. It has resulted in a happier, more predictable baby and well-rested parents. We live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time we adhere to our schedule leaving room for flexibility for the other 20% of the time. We know life requires adaptability and want to continue enjoying different opportunities even if they might occasionally interfere with our routine.

10 month old baby
Eleanor loves her crib at night but continues to fight naps. We love Eleanor’s daycare, but it’s been difficult finding continuity in daytime sleep training between Montessori during the week and home during the weekends. Nap training is my first priority when I’m back home with her fulltime! (Suggestions here would be awesome!)

10 month old baby
At 10 months Eleanor…

…weighs ?? but judging from her big tummy and rolls, she’s really chunked up this month

…loves to pet her puppy Ruby and chase after her around the room

…enjoys banging toys together and knocking down towers of blocks (our very own babyzilla)

…eats a wide variety of foods, but especially loves peas and chicken

…can crawl surprisingly (and dangerously) fast

…can pull to stand and cruise along the bottom stair

…likes spending time outside swinging

…thinks bath time is the BEST part of her day

…hates the taste of formula (so we’re verrrrrrrry slowly transitioning her with daycare bottles mixed as 90% breast milk and 10% formula)

…still requires an MSPI diet, but we’re hoping to “test” dairy soon

…claps along to music and gives us the occasional dance move

…experiments with her voice and loves to growl

…loves drinking out of her sippy cup but spews water everywhere (practice makes perfect!)

…has four teeth she loves getting brushed and has recently started biting (ouch!)

…plays more with her wipes box than any other toy

…makes the most adorable “scrunchy” face where she wrinkles up her nose and squints her eyes

…is the center of my universe and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

10 month old baby

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