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eleanor: 11 months

Eleanor is 11 months! The countdown officially has begun to her 1st birthday! So much has changed with Eleanor over the past month…

eleanor 11 month baby photo
We have started introducing dairy into her diet and she’s handling it just great! This is a huge weight off my shoulders as I have worried and fretted about her MSPI for months now. She remains intolerant of soy, but I’m less concerned about her growing out of that.

Her developmental leaps have been HUGE this past month. Both physically and mentally we’ve seen some amazing growth. She pulls to stand with ease, can cruise across stairs, the coffee table, and the couch, and has even gone up 2-3 stairs. AHH!

eleanor 11 month baby photo
Her baby sign has progressed which really helps bridge the communication gap. You can certainly tell she feels accomplished when she effectively gets her wants and needs across to us.

She babbles almost constantly and definitely has a few “Eleanor-ish words.” “Da” for dad, “ma” for mom, “do” for dog, “ha er” for “hi there.”

She doesn’t say “no” yet, but she certainly understands the power of a good head shake. This happens most often during mealtimes. She is SO over being fed by an adult. She wants to do it ALL herself and has actually managed to dip her spoon in food and successfully insert it into her mouth a few times. Self-feeding is at a whole new level!

eleanor 11 month baby photo
At 11 months Eleanor…

…weighs ??? (but she’s nice and chunky)

…signs milk, diaper, more, and all done

…loves giving hugs and kisses

…waves to anyone and everyone

…is a speed demon and crawls everywhere

…is getting more confident in her standing abilities and lets go of her support every so often (and falls)

…enjoys riding forward in her stroller to watch the world go by

…sleeps through the night

…nurses 3 times, drinks 4 bottles of pumped milk, and eats 3 meals and 2 snacks every day

…naps in her crib twice a day (hooray!)

…goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 6

…loves bath time (best part: watching the tub fill and dropping her toys over the side)

…is obsessed with object permanence (dropping toys in a box/bucket and then fetching them out again)

…enjoys reading her 100 First Words book (especially the pages about bath time and puppies)

…still hates rolling

…plays with her baby doll by rocking it and giving it hugs and kisses

…is the sweetest little girl around

eleanor 11 month baby photo

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