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eleanor: 12 months

Eleanor turned 1 on Friday, so I suppose it’s time for her 12 month update!

Our little miss is truly thriving! She’s highly communicative and LOVES engaging with family and friends. Her vocabulary is about the same as last month, but she does a lot of imitation. It’s like having our own little parrot :)

eleanor 12 months
She has a bit more “stranger danger” than previous months, but if people give her a little time and distance, she warms right up! I can’t really blame the girl, how would you feel if someone you had never met picked you up or grabbed your hands? ;)

Eleanor isn’t walking yet, but her little legs are STRONG! She lets go of her support and stands unassisted for short periods of time before carefully sitting back down on her bottom. She’s getting more interested in climbing lately – the stairs, chairs, people, toys, you name it! Oh, and do you want to workout? Just try to keep up with Eleanor’s baby squats!

eleanor 12 months
Depending on the day, Eleanor has different “favorite” toys, but I can usually count on her loving her baby doll. She cuddles it, pats it’s back, tells it to “shhh” and gives it kisses. It’s the sweetest thing ever! She also really enjoys playing with her ball ramp. I love watching how coordinated she’s become!

With Eleanor on the move, getting a good photo has never been more difficult.

eleanor 12 months

And… in Eleanor’s opinion it’s a good thing this was our last month of calendar photos…

eleanor 12 months

At 12 months Eleanor…

…weighs 19 pounds

…babbles constantly (with a few words we get every now and then)

…loves going swimming

…plays with her puppy Ruby (lots of petting and tug-of-war)

…is super nosy and wants to know what everybody is doing

…has a one track mind that’s hard to redirect

…can now eat dairy (woo hoo for our MSPI baby)

…takes lots of walks and runs with mom and dad

…bites :(

…still takes 2 naps a day

…eats 3 meals of table food, 2 snacks, and 4 nursing sessions each day

…loves snacking on Cheerios

…is the sweetest little girl :)

Check back tomorrow for a full recap of Eleanor’s 1st birthday! It was the “berry” best day ;)

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