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eleanor: 2 months

My sweet Eleanor is now 2 months old. It’s amazing how much she has changed since my last update! My sleepy head is so active now and such a joy to be around! Here’s what’s new with Nora!

eleanor 2 month baby update

At 2 months Eleanor…

…weighs 10lbs 8oz

…has outgrown her newborn clothing :(

…found her thumb which she LOVES sucking

…wakes up once a night around 1:00 or 2:00am

…occasionally enjoys her “alone time” on her jungle mat

…has developed quite the set of lungs to let me know when she needs a diaper change

…has long conversations with mom and dad in the form of coos and gurgles

…is alert and awake most of the day with the exception of an afternoon nap

…loves her Moby carrier

…has fought off a round of thrush (no fun!)

…went to her 1st Farmer’s Market

…had her 1st babysitter

…can track objects and turn her head to noises

…met her aunt, uncle and cousins from Texas

…roadtripped to her Gma and Gpa’s house in Audubon

…remains the love of her mommy and daddy’s lives :)

She’s just a blast and I’m so lucky to get to stay home with her for now. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be!

I can’t wait to see what month 3 brings us!



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