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eleanor: 3 months

My sweet Eleanor is 3 months old already! It seems like every week is better than the next. She seems to change day-to-day and is an absolute joy to watch! Her personality is so calm and gentle, and she has plenty of smiles to go around.

She’s starting to really love tummy time – it’s like she’s seeing the world in a whole new way! I can’t believe how long she can keep her head and chest elevated – this girl is strong! Here’s what’s new with Eleanor!

monthly baby update on calendar

At 3 months Eleanor…

…sleeps through the night about 75% of the time (and is only up once the rest of the time)

…weighs ??? (she’s getting weighed today!)

…had another bought of thrush (still no fun!)

…met ALL of her great-grandparents

…visited her 1st farm

…sucks her thumb constantly

…stayed at her 1st hotel

…is beginning to teethe

…can grasp items and bring them to her mouth

…loves napping on her mom’s chest

…still sports a full head of hair

…gurgles, coos, clicks her tongue and laughs

…is NOT a fan of the car

…spins 90° around her bed during the course of the night

…loves sitting with her dad on the swing behind our house

…is enthralled by ceiling fans and trees

…is dangerously close to rolling

So that’s what’s new with Miss Nora! I can’t wait for more fun during month 4!

monthly baby update on calendar

Your turn:

What’s your favorite part about little ones at this stage? I love the smiles :)



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