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eleanor: 5 months

Wow – it’s crazy to think my June baby is now 5 months old! Eleanor has had a wonderful month full of big changes! We’re doing better with napping in the crib instead of my arms, but I’m sure to sneak in my snuggles every now and then.

eleanor 5 month baby photos
We’re still going strong with exclusively breastfeeding, but we’re getting excited to start introducing solids next month. I checked out the book Baby-Led Weaning for one option for starting solids. I’m interested in learning more!

Eleanor’s fighting her 1st cold, so I couldn’t many smiles out of her for her 5 month photo shoot – maybe we’ll try again later :)


At 5 months Eleanor…

…weighs 14 lbs 8 oz

…rolled! (yesterday to be exact)

…generally sleeps through the night, but wakes us up early at 5:00am

…has no teeth, but seems to really be working on 2 teeth on the bottom

…laughs and laughs and laughs (aka, the best sound in the world)

…still loves experimenting with her voice to see just how loud and high she can shriek

…is still ALL about the thumb

…has been fascinated by her hands and loves holding them in front of her face to watch them

…sits in her high chair during meals

…is more and more interested in Ruby pup

…pulls everything to her mouth

…is soothed by the song Three Little Birds

…finds her toes far more interesting than any toy

I’m really looking forward to making the most of the next month and a half before I begin student teaching. I love my days with my baby girl – she’s such a delight to watch grow and grow!

I can’t forget to announce the winner of the Big Nate giveaway: Congrats to Carrie E! Carrie, please email your address at joanna@makingmine.com, and we’ll get your vouchers sent out! Hope you enjoy the show! :)

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Your turn:

Any suggestions on introducing solids?


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