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eleanor: 6 months

Whoa – 6 months have passed in the blink of an eye! On one hand, it feels like Eleanor has been part of our family forever, but on the other, it’s as if we just brought her home from the hospital yesterday. I was reading over months 1 – 5 and I can’t believe how much her pictures have changed!

6 month baby update

I can’t begin to describe the joy, love, happiness, and yes, frustration our little girl has brought us over the past 6 months. She is a true gift and a constant reminder that I always have something to learn.

6 month baby update

At 6 months Eleanor…

…weighs ?? (will find out at our appointment this morning)

…can roll back to tummy and tummy to back (aka – all over the place)

…traveled to Texas to visit her cousins

…fought her 1st sinus infection (with the help of amox)

…is fascinated with faces and loves to put her hands on our mouths when we talk

…speaking of mouths, EVERYTHING gets put in hers these days

…wants to pet her puppy Ruby, but usually ends up pulling her fur

…has 1 tooth erupting (bottom front)

…is still exclusively breastfed, but will likely begin solids soon

…still loves her hands and everything they can do

…sucks her thumb for comfort

…has quite the range of consonant sounds (ma, da, ta, la, na, ga…)

…is still NOT a napper, but sleeps through the night (when she’s not sick)

…can sit unassisted for short periods of time

…makes my world go round :)

6 month baby update

Oh man, I never expected 6 months to mean so much! Eleanor is a fantastic baby with the sweetest disposition. I can’t wait to continue getting to know her!

Your turn:

What’s your favorite baby stage?
Any plans this weekend? I’m getting together with the Omaha Bloggers for a little holiday party! We’re also getting E’s 6 month photos taken – can’t wait!


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