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eleanor: 7 months

Our little Miss Eleanor is 7 months! These past few weeks have been the very best yet – so many fun changes each and every day! Once we hit the 6 month mark, she took off like a rocket developmentally. It was as if she learned to sit overnight, she started rocking on all fours, and her coordination for playing with toys is so cool to watch!

7 month baby photos
We started Eleanor on rice cereal at 6 months. She did a great job swallowing and LOVED getting to join in the mealtime fun, so we went ahead and introduced a variety of homemade veggie purees. Unfortunately in the past couple of weeks, she’s started having difficulties digesting. We’re not sure what the culprit is (a specific food, solids in general, or some larger GI issue), so we’re visiting with a GI specialist later this week.

7 month baby photos
I had a milk protein allergy as a baby (and so did my mom), so we have a sneaking suspicion that may be the problem although it seems strange to have it crop up after months of no issues. I’ve completely cut dairy from my diet, so I’m praying that helps! The good news is, Eleanor has been happy as a clam through all of her tummy troubles! :)

7 month baby photos
At 7 months Eleanor…

…weighs around 16 lbs (???)

…knows 2 signs to communicate her needs (milk and diaper)

…can sit unassisted (until she forgets what she’s doing)

…has 2 teeth

…can scoot backwards

…loves to eat

…blows raspberries ALL the time

…remains a thumbsucker

…has adjusted to a new schedule with mom at work

…couldn’t go a day without her Sophie giraffe to chew on

…loves to touch people’s faces and mouths as they talk

…says “da da da da da” constantly

…but gives me a “ma ma” if she’s really upset and wants attention NOW

…no longer sleeps through the night, but bedtime routine has gotten MUCH better

…happily plays with her favorite toys (stacking cups and rings)

…shows off how high she can jump in her jumpy seat

…will look around on the ground for her puppy when we say “Ruby”

…wishes she could walk and has us help her stand

…is a pure JOY :)

7 month baby photos
Jeff and I have certainly learned the value of teamwork in parenting during the past month. We’ve worked through sleep regression, health issues, and an opinionated little lady on our hands. I know parenting will never be easy and we have a lot to learn, so I’m glad I have him by my side. Eleanor is one lucky babe – here’s to month 7! :)


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