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eleanor: 9 months

I’m very late with this post, but here we go anyways :)

9 months already! I’ve had many mamas tell me that 9 months is their favorite, and so far I’d have to agree. Eleanor is learning and growing by leaps and bounds!

9 month baby photos
We are still on the MSPI diet and everything seems to be working. We had a disappointing weight check a few weeks ago, but we beefed up Eleanor’s diet and she’s been packing on the ounces! She gets 3 solid meals a day along with an increased amount of breast milk. We are also mixing olive oil into all of her meals for added fat. Little baby rolls are beginning to appear, so the changes appear to be working!

9 month baby photos
As I mentioned yesterday, we had a small (yet stressful) setback with Eleanor’s diet. She seems to have a sensitivity to beef along with the dairy and soy. Our pediatrician and gastroenterologist remain confident that she will outgrow her intolerances, but our timeline for introducing these foods back into her diet has been pushed back.

The calendar photo shoots are getting harder with a mobile baby, but without further ado, here’s what’s new with Eleanor!

9 month baby photos
At 9 months Eleanor…

…weighs 17 pounds

…has 4 teeth (two top, two bottom right in the front!)

…is crawling EVERYWHERE

…is beginning to pull to stand

…LOVES chicken, peas, sweet potatoes, and avocado

…had her 1st ear infection (no fun!)

…sleeps through the night… most of the time ;)

…waves “hello” and “goodbye”

…trills her tongue while crying when REALLY mad

…says “mama,” “dada,” “ha,” (hi) and “dah” (dog)

…loves being tickled

…plays peek-a-boo

…seems to have momentarily forgotten how to roll and looks like a turtle when laid on her back

…claps along to music and when she gets excited (especially for milk and chicken, haha)

…can roll a ball back and forth with a partner

…has difficulty napping anywhere but in someone’s arms (any help here?)

…got upgraded to her “big girl” carseat and loves her new-and-improved view

…enjoys reading books (and not just chewing on them)

…is developing a bit of stranger danger and needs some time to warm up to new people

…is so proud when drinking out of her sippy cup

…is beginning to self-feed, but mostly smears it in her hair

…understands sign for milk, diaper, more and bath (but now refuses to use any of them on her own)

…thinks iPhones make the best chew toys

…gives high-fives

…enjoys seeing her friends and teachers at daycare

…loves a good morning cuddle with her mom and dad

…keeps us on our toes and is the light of our lives :)

9 month baby photos
Happy 9 months Eleanor True!


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