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Eleanor at THREE

Eleanor turned THREE last week! So if she’s three, how old am I?! ;)

My “baby” is a far cry from a baby anymore, and I’m loving this new stage in life. Just as my mom forewarned, TWO isn’t so terrible…. THREE is where the challenges really start to kick in. But today I’m not going to focus on the frustrations of parenting a toddler. I’m here to document all of the JOYS of Eleanor at three!


Eleanor, I never want to forget…

…the way you belt out your favorite songs

…how you assign character roles to everyone in the family depending on who you want to be each day (such as when you are Sofia, I am Amber, dad is James, and Everly is Clover)

…that you’re my “peanut butter” and I’m your “jelly”

…the way you introduce Everly to everybody (Target cashiers, kids at the playground, and her grandparents who have known Evie her entire life haha)

…that your princess jammies are your most prized possessions

…how proud you are that you don’t suck your thumb anymore (!!!!)

…how you create magical, intricate worlds with your princess characters and sticker pages

…how you quiz me on letters and letter sounds (you say I’m right most of the time)

…how you still need to check-in with a quick snuggle

…the way you twirl when dancing

…the songs you make up on your own

…how you can delay bedtime FOR-EV-ER by asking us “lay with me for one minute”

…how you invent your own stories when ‘reading’ us books

…the joy you get with surprises (“whaaaaaaat is it!?”)

…your expert negotiating skills (mostly to get donuts at the grocery store)

…how you include your sister in your play and try to teach her new words

…how much you love broccoli

…your expansive vocabulary and the funny sayings that result (like telling me that I’m “inappropriate” for putting you in time out)

…the sweaty mess of curls you wake up with after a nap

…how you’re quick to laugh, quick to forgive, and so easy to love

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We love you Eleanor True! Can’t wait to PARTY with you this weekend! :)

xoxo joanna

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