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eleanor turns 2

Dear Eleanor,

I’m sitting across from you at the kitchen table, watching you eat your “sauce,” and listening to you giggle and sing about riding a choo-choo train. You’re going to be 2 tomorrow! How is that even possible?

I look at the little girl (not a baby anymore!) you’ve become, and I couldn’t be more proud to be your mama!

happy birthday eleanor
What are you like at 2?

You are bright
You can count to ten, sing your ABC’s (well, mostly), and can practically give a tour of the zoo. You love to do puzzles and read books. You also are able to hack just about any electronic device left within reach!

You are compassionate
You always know when someone needs a hug – even Ruby puppy who hasn’t quite learned to appreciate your love. You bring baby Evie her stuffed monkey when she cries, and tell her “it otay.”

You are curious
Every drawer, cupboard, and closet has been explored by your tiny hands. You point out every truck and bus you see on the road and ask me where they’re going.

You are musical
You sing all day – songs you know, songs you make up, and occasionally, songs that don’t mean a thing. We have family dance parties before you go to bed at night – it’s the best!

You are bouncy
I wish I could bottle up how you run – we call it twinkle toes. You bounce on your tiny feet everywhere you go!

You are creative
You enter a land of make believe and come up with wonderful worlds of play with your doll house and farm animals. “Daddy” usually takes a nap while “Mommy” drives a carload of kids places. And lately “Baby” has been using the potty – something in your future too I hope ;)

You are social
Everybody gets a “hi dere” from you (usually more than one)! You like to introduce your little sister to people in the check out line, “dat baby Evie; I Eleanor.”

You are LOVED
Eleanor, your daddy and I love you so much and it’s a joy to watch you grow! You have a beautiful soul, and we’re so lucky to be your parents!

happy birthday eleanor
Now, let’s party! :)

And in case you’re interested, here’s how we celebrated Eleanor’s 1st birthday:

Eleanor’s Berry 1st Birthday
Eleanor’s Healthy “Berry” 1st Birthday Cake
Birthday Eats & Sweets

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