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everly: 1 month

The past 4 weeks have flown by – Everly is already 1 month old! A lot has changed with my little girl in a short amount of time. My sleepy newborn is becoming more alert and engaging. All of the baby lessons I learned with Eleanor are coming flooding back to me as we experience each new day with Everly. It’s been an absolute joy!

baby 1 month photo shoot on calendar
At 1 month Everly…

…weighs 10 pounds

…wears size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothing

…chugs her milk and is done nursing in 5 minutes flat

…has an extremely expressive face

…has NO patience for wet diapers

…loves gazing at her big sister

…overeats and pukes on her mama once a day

…is soothed by the song “Shooralayhoo”

…wakes up twice a night

…grabs a handful of her mama’s hair while she nurses

…is finding her lungs and is good at letting us know when she’s NOT happy

…gives us sweet coos when she’s content

…rolled once from tummy to back

…does not like being anywhere but in someone’s arms or laid out on a blanket (aka – no bouncy seats or swings)

…is growing up too fast

baby 1 month photo shoot on calendar

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