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Everly at 18 Months

With Eleanor, I kept meticulous notes about all of her milestones. Lists with the dates she first said different words, her height and weight percentiles at each well check, and when she mastered new skills. With Everly, I’ve taken a different approach.

Sure, you could blame it on “second child syndrome,” but I think I also now have a better idea of what I want to hold on to from each age and stage my girls go through. I’ll never look back wondering how much she weighed at 18 months, but I WILL want to remember…

The way she is a mud magnet every time we leave the house

How she begs me for bubbles every single day

The pure joy she gets out of rocking in a chair just her size

Her focus and determination to do exactly what her big sister does

How much she loves creating art projects (especially on her body)

ice-paintingHer insistence on packing up an overflowing purse everywhere we go

How she pounds on the pantry door while begging for a “nack”

Healthy snacks: Gerber Lil' BeaniesI’ve written about these Gerber Lil’ Beanies before, as they’ve been a favorite of Everly’s for a few months now. If it was up to her, she’d be eating ALL the snacks ALL the time! The Broccoli Cheddar flavor in particular seems to be the real winner with both my girls.

Broccoli Cheese Gerber Lil' BeaniesAnd right now, when you purchase Lil’ Beanies at Target, you can use a 5% Cartwheel deal + this coupon! Snacks for a steal ;)

So even though my lists this time around have totally different information, I know I’ll cherish them just as much! I love you to the moon Everly – thanks for always keeping me on my toes ;)

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xoxo joanna

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