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everly: 2 months

My sweet Everly is 2 months old today! HOW is that even possible? She continues to be the easiest baby ever, and we’ve loved watching her gentle personality develop.

month by month baby photo on calendar
At 2 months baby Evie:

…weighs ??? (we’ll find out this afternoon – I’m guessing 12 lbs 8 oz)

…has outgrown her newborn clothing and is just about splitting the seams of her 0-3 month sleepers

…has the biggest, bluest eyes ever

…smiles at her mama’s face

…goes to bed at 9 pm and wakes up at 7 am

…wakes twice a night to eat (1:30 and 4:30)

…has started searching for her thumb (following her big sister’s footsteps)

…gets her parent’s attention through gurgles and coos

…hesitantly takes a bottle and only really cries when she can’t nurse (poor daddy)

…loves listening to her big sister talk and sing

…has pretty darn impressive head control

…is extremely mild-mannered and sweet

…brings absolute JOY to her whole family!

month by month baby photo on calendar

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