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everly: 4 months

My sweet Everly turned 4 months on August 26th. I’m not counting this post as late because her 4 month doctor’s appointment is today! ;)

If I had to sum up baby Evie in one word it’s HAPPY! I know I say it all the time, but she is seriously the most content baby ever. She just loves life and always has a smile for everybody. I can’t believe my little chunk is already 4 months – she’s just flying through this first year!

baby monthly calendar shot four months
At 4 months Everly…

…weighs ??? (I’ll find out soon!)

…smiles constantly

…is working on two bottom teeth

…is growing in some super fine hair

…can roll both front to back and back to front (but doesn’t do so often)

…LOVES tummy time

…has the absolute best thigh rolls

…laughs at her sister’s songs and peek-a-boo

…wakes once to eat at 3:00am

…has gotten herself on a good nap schedule (no thanks to mom)

…loves chewing on her monkey taggie

…crows for about 15 minutes while going to sleep (NEED to get this on video – sooooo loud, haha)

…still sleeps in our room in her Bassinest

…prefers sitting up as often as possible so she can watch Eleanor

…grasps objects and pulls them to her mouth

…makes my heart complete

baby monthly calendar shot four months
We love you sweet girl! Happy four months!

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