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everly: 5 months

FIVE months! The past five months with Everly Grace have just flown by. I feel like I’m finally getting to “know” her, and she has just the absolute sweetest, most mellow little soul.

She’s been teething like crazy the past few weeks and seems to be battling some sort of sinus crud currently. We’re heading to the pediatrician tomorrow – it’s just so strange to have anything but smiles from our Evie girl!

baby at five months
At 5 months Everly…

…weighs ??? (she’s OBVIOUSLY well fed, haha)

…is on the move rolling everywhere

…constantly has her hands in her mouth working on those teeth

…is called Baby Evie (first name “Baby” last name “Evie”) by everyone thanks to her sis

…has 1 tooth (juuuuuust barely, but I can feel it)

…sits in her high chair to join the family during meals

…is best buddies with her dog Ruby

…enjoys watching “The Eleanor Show” all day, every day ;)

…chews on her monkey taggie

…is calmed by the song Powder Blue

…has the sweetest laugh

…shrieks the loudest during her sister’s naps (#karma)

…loves “standing”

…grabs ahold of her toes and can’t let go

…wakes twice to eat at night and wants to party at 4:00am (gotta love that sleep regression)

…grows out of clothes faster than her mama can get them sorted

…makes her family’s heart complete 

baby at five months
We love you Baby Evie! Now we’re counting down the days until we start REAL food…. something tells me this girl is going to like to eat ;)


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