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everly: 7 months

I’m late… again! But here we are! Baby Everly is 7 months old. She’s had the biggest developmental leaps in the past month – sitting, crawling (army style), babbling, eating, and playing.
It’s like she’s a REAL person, haha ;)

7 month old baby photo shoot
I think she wants to skip crawling and go straight to walking – she gets up on her tippy toes ALL the time!

7 month old baby photo shoot
At 7 months Everly…

…has started eating solid food: cereal, avocado, banana, apple, and sweet potato

…doesn’t sleep through the night (wahhhh – but she’s only little once, right?)

…can move anywhere she pleases

…sits independently

…signs “milk” and waves hello

…says “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmamamamamama” when she’s really upset (translated to: c’mon mom, get with the program!)

…has 2 teeth

…delights in getting ahold of her sister’s toys

…is extremely ticklish

…loves to stand (with help of course)

…has the BEST thigh rolls

We love you Baby Evie!

7 month old baby photo shoot

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