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Everly turns 2


It’s the night before your second birthday. Tomorrow morning, I won’t have a baby anymore. You will officially be a toddler. A big girl. Just like your sissy! And to be honest, I think that’s the only birthday gift you really want. Don’t worry, we still got you presents ;)

Now, more than ever, you are on the heels of your big sister. Never more than two steps behind, it’s certainly a world of “monkey see, monkey do” around here. And it’s a joy to watch.

You went to bed tonight in a fit of giggles. You danced as we sang songs about your birthday, you squealed with delight when I pulled out your freshly laundered Minnie Mouse jammies, and you laughed until you had tears streaming down your face as I tickled your roly-poly belly.


What are you like at 2?

You are loving
Oh Everly, I have never seen such a doting “mommy.” You sleep with no less than 4 babies in your crib, and you usually insist on pulling them all into a giant hug as you go to sleep. You grab my cheeks with both hands to give me a kiss goodnight, and you say, “tanks mommy” when I tell you how much I love you.

You are determined
There’s not much any of us can do once you make up your mind. You know what you want, how you want it, and when it should happen. I know this trait will serve you well in life, but my oh my does it make my head spin sometimes!

You are slow to wake up
You and I are connected this way. We both need a slow morning full of plenty of snuggles before we begin our day. I love when we rock together in silence, waking up together without saying a word.

You are adventurous
You rush head-on into new situations. At the moment, you’re scaring your daddy and I at every turn on the playground. Climbing, jumping, swinging, sliding – you can do it all!

You are spunky

Put a microphone in your hand, and watch out! You and your sister perform the most amazing singing and dancing numbers. It’s amazing you can get a word in edgewise with her around, but Everly, you can certainly hold your own! “Jesus loves me” and “Hair up” from Trolls are two of your current favorites! Please never stop singing for me.

You are imaginative
Whether you’re coming up for adventures for Belle to go on, making phone calls from your backyard cafe, or plotting what the doll house characters are up to, you tell us stories with such gusto. I love being a part of your world, and you make us smile a million times a day.

You are gentle
I hope I never forget how you watched over the baby bunnies in the backyard. Oh my goodness Everly, I’ve never seen anything so sweet. You peeked at their nest daily, made sure Ruby puppy kept her distance, and kept watch for the mama bunny to come around.

You are uniquely YOU
And boy do we love you! Happy birthday sweet girl!

Let’s party!

Here’s how we celebrated Everly’s 1st birthday :)

xoxo joanna

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