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everly’s arrival {part 2}

When we left off on Monday, Jeff and I were headed into labor and delivery to meet our little girl…

We arrived at midnight, and I was only 3cm dilated. I was disappointed but not surprised since I was slow to dilate with Eleanor too. At 12:50 I got an epidural and at 1:05 my water broke. Just like with Eleanor, after my water broke, things progressed quickly. By 1:40 I was 7cm!

Around 2:40, my doctor was called in and I was ready to push. I had an incredible epidural that allowed me to still feel my contractions and move my legs. Everly was not descending well, so I was able to push on my hands and knees a couple of times to get her in a better position.

No surprise to me (based on her position in my belly), she was posterior but turned at the last minute. After 20 minutes of pushing, Everly was born! She was immediately placed on my chest where she spent the next 2 hours breastfeeding and snoozing.

It was the most amazing birth experience! I loved my labor and delivery with Eleanor, but I have to admit, this time was even better. I took IV drugs with Eleanor that left me feeling spacey (I even napped a few hours), but this time I was totally alert and present the entire time. I felt completely in control, strong, and fearless. I know I owe a lot to the prep from Mommy Fitness, but my L&D nurse was simply amazing too!

Everly has now been with our family for a week and a half, and it’s crazy how fast we’ve adjusted to our new normal! I’m totally back into newborn mama mode – lots of feeding, lots of diapers, and lots of naps :) 

In honor of those sleepless newborn nights, today’s Makingmine Mother’s Day giveaway are Love To Dream Stage 1 AND 50/50 sleep sacks! {I wrote more about these awesome little sacks here} Perfect for mamas with babies that need to be swaddled, but like having their arms up – genius!

love to dream swaddles

Love to Dream

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