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fall fresh start

Thanks to Stonyfield for sponsoring this post!

For many families, the back to school season is like a brand new January 1st. Summer is winding down, and it’s time to start a new routine. And even though my girls aren’t school age yet, transition is in the air. My husband recently started a new job and will be working remotely from his home office – it seems like the perfect time to implement some good change!

We spent a couple days at my sister’s place last week, and her routine has me inspired:

Every morning starts with a walk

fall fresh start
In her case, she and her 2 year old drop off my oldest niece at Kindergarten. It’s awesome to start the day with some fresh air and movement. Sometimes getting dressed and out the door is the hardest part of our day. Starting our day with a walk would be a nice incentive for all of us!

fall fresh start
Slow down for lunch

fall fresh start
Ok, I have to admit that “slowing down” is relative in this case. When you have toddlers to feed, nothing is truly “slow.” Rachel sends her oldest to school with a packed lunch, but then takes the time to prepare something healthy and balanced for herself and her toddler.

fall fresh start
When we were visiting, she made homemade chicken strips that the girls devoured! Ours were added to giant (and equally delicious) salads. For sides she prepped frozen veggies, sliced apples, and an all-time favorite, Stonyfield yogurt (hint: the pouches make clean-up a breeze). Lunch doesn’t need to be complicated to be special!

fall fresh start
Just say “yes!”

My sister has always been good at living the bigger life. If she has the chance to do something, she almost always says “yes!” We were able to do so many fun activities with the girls just by saying “yes” – and even if it didn’t go exactly as planned, we always had a great time!

fall fresh start
From riding scooters, to visiting the Children’s Museum, to exploring the apple orchard, we collected so many great memories together! With toddlers and a baby in tow, not every excursion was easy, but I’m so happy we did each one!

What would you add to a fall fresh start?

*Thanks Stonyfield yogurt for sponsoring this post!

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