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family “fit”cation

Happy Monday friends! This weekend was a whirlwind! Our family took a quick (really quick, as in 24 hours) trip to Kansas City for a “yay it’s finally summer and Joanna’s done with school” vacation!

I had 2 entries to The Color Run KC, so it was a good excuse to get out of Omaha! Leaving Eleanor overnight is still a hassle with breastfeeding, so she got to join in the fun and participate in her first color run!

I was a bit concerned about keeping her out of the color since she’s still pretty young. Plus, she has issues with corn and the color at these events is made out of corn starch. But ever the problem solver, I devised a plan to allow her to safely participate (more on that later).

We took off on Friday afternoon and got to KC around 5:00. We picked up our race packets and treated ourselves to some delicious BBQ courtesy of Oklahoma Joe’s – SO good!

the color run kansas city

This was our first night in a hotel in a LONG time, and Eleanor was not very pleased about her sleeping arrangements. She didn’t love her Pack’n Play, so I allowed her to sleep on my chest until about 2am when I finally got her settled down on her own. Needless to say, it was a rather restless night. The girl just loves her crib! :)

the color run kansas city

We knew the event would be pretty big, so we left early to get parked and Eleanor settled. Pretty big doesn’t even begin to explain it – The Color Run was HUGE! Like huge, HUGE! It was so cool to see all of the people who woke up early on their Saturday to go participate in a 5k!

the color run kansas city

Our family was pretty excited…

the color run kansas city

My super genius plan to keep Eleanor shielded consisted of 2 beach towels and 4 boca clips I picked up at Target. They were super strong and kept the towels in place through the whole race. I just threw the towels over her through the color stations, and then flipped them back up during the regular stretches of road. It worked great and she made it through 3 miles and 4 color stations unscathed.

the color run kansas city

The route was pretty cool as we circled around both the Royals’ and Chiefs’ stadiums – photo opps for sure:

the color run kansas city

It was our first 5k with our BOB, and it made a world of difference! It got a pretty makeover during The Color Run which was promptly hosed off since Jeff didn’t like the idea of a tie-dye stroller:

kansas city color run

And, because it wouldn’t be a color run post without it… our before and after:

the color run kansas city

Jeff earned “dad of the year” points by pushing Eleanor in her BOB up an epic hill to get back to our car:

the color run kansas city

Even though it was a fast trip, we had a great time! It was fun to center a vacation around a fit activity we could all do together! I see many more like this in our future :)

Click here to find a Color Run near you, OR plan a “fit”cation for your family!

Your turn:

Where’s your favorite vacation destination?
What getaways do you have planned this summer?


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