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farewell 2013

This has been quite the year – these past 365 days have flown by! Between our move back to Omaha and Eleanor’s birth, we’ve kept very busy!

2013 started on a quiet note. My sister and I were both entering our 2nd trimester of pregnancy, so we rang in the new year with cupcakes and silly games with my niece. It was perfect :)

new years 2013
I look back on the past year and can hardly believe how much has changed. In January I was an expectant mama enjoying every moment of pregnancy and anxious to meet my little babe. Now 1 year later, I have nearly 7 months of motherhood under my belt and am fully realizing the joys and pressures of parenting.

2013 was full of growing bellies…

2013 New Year
growing babies…

new year 2013
growing relationships…

new year 2013
a big learning curve…

new year 2013

and more love than I could have ever imagined…

new year 2013

2014 will have even bigger changes and new challenges, but I can’t wait to take it all on!

Happy New Year from Makingmine! :)

Your turn:

What was your biggest moment of 2013?
How are you celebrating the new year?


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