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february coffee chat

Happy Monday everybody! If you’re like us here in Omaha, you’re spending today enjoying a little freedom before the snow hits and we’re all stuck at home! I reeeeeeally hope this is the last snow of the season! Fingers crossed!

I haven’t done a good old life update in awhile, so I thought we could have a little coffee chat this morning as we start a brand new month. Anybody want to deliver me one of these… ;) 

Remember my post on being stuck?
Well, I took your advice and made fitness a bigger priority in my life. I’ve been going to the gym 3x’s per week and I’ve started classes again at Mommy Fitness.

It didn’t take much reflection before I realized just how much I had missed the Mommy Fitness community. Working with them throughout my pregnancy was by far the most successful I’ve ever been at maintaining a consistent, healthy lifestyle.

This week I’ll be doing workouts with little miss Everly! I received an awesome deck of cards from Baby Strong Workouts that incorporates your baby into an at-home workout. I tried a few of the moves yesterday, and let me tell ya, a 22 pound baby sure makes things difficult! I’ll be posting about my experience on Instagram this week, and then look for a full review next week!

Eleanor has given up her thumb!
I never thought I’d see the day, but I couldn’t be more proud of my little lady. We had Eleanor’s 30 month appointment last week, and her pediatrician encouraged her to try to give up her thumb before she starts preschool in the fall.

Well, Eleanor was totally convinced, and I see her making a conscious effort not to suck her thumb. She still slips up sometimes, but overall she’s doing awesome! The best part is that it takes no nagging from me – in toddler world, it’s ALWAYS better when something is their idea!

Everly is loving solids!
Everly is such an amazing eater. It has been an absolute joy introducing her to new foods. She now eats the same table foods as the rest of the family with a few purees added to fill her up. Her favorite food is definitely yogurt (just like her big sister), so I was really excited to find that our trusty Stonyfield is now available at Walmart. It’s awesome when making smart choices is also convenient and affordable!

Well, we’re all off to the gym this morning! Wish the girls luck in the gym daycare – it’s always a gamble how long they’ll last! :)

*Thanks to Stonyfield and Walmart for providing our family with all of our favorite Stonyfield products!

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