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I first started blogging as a personal release, but Makingmine grew as I started regularly reading other bloggers. Now checking my blog feed is just as much part of my morning routine as my cup of coffee. Want to know a few of my “must reads?”


1. Coffee Cake and Cardio

I actually found Ashley’s blog through Instagram as I was stalking pictures of Westies (creepy, I know), but I’m SO happy I got introduced to her and her blog. She blogs candidly about her weight loss journey and offers lots of great tips and advice. She’s also one of the strongest women I know – playing on a full-contact women’s football team. Plus, her dog Theodore is just to die for :)

2. Healthy Diva Life

I started reading Katie’s blog when I got pregnant – we were due about 3 days apart. It was really fun to follow her pregnancy as mine progressed. She is one of the most positive bloggers around and is a great start to my day. She has an eye for finding new products, so I love seeing the latest and greatest and hearing her reviews!

3. Itz Linz

Lindsay reminds me of a girl I used to cheer with in high school – the girl will do a handstand just about anywhere :)
I enjoy reading Lindsay’s blog because she’s always trying something new and inspires me to get up and get moving!

4. Liv, Laugh, Love

Jen’s blog is a recent addition to my blog feed. I found her through the photographer who shot my maternity photos. It’s been awesome to add an Omaha blogger to my list. She’s been hosting the July blog challenge that’s been pushing me to stretch the boundaries of my regular posting (thanks Jen!). She writes about just about everything, but my favorites center on her sweet little girl :)

5. Fit Pregnancy and Parenting

I found Amanda’s site while I was pregnant. She was a huge motivator for me to stay active throughout my pregnancy, and I’ve also relied on her to get back into fitness postpartum. She recently gave birth to her son, Cole, and is already back teaching fitness classes (whoa!). She posts about maintaining a fit and active lifestyle with kids.

6. The Bloggess

She’s hilarious – I’ll just leave it at that :)

7. J’s Everyday Fashion

J puts together cute, affordable looks based on celebrity styling. It’s great for the everyday girl to get ideas on making fashion attainable!

8. The Lean Green Bean

First of all, how awesome is that blog name? Lindsay blogs about everything wellness related. She posts great recipes and offers awesome advice for weekly food prep (something I vow to start myself one of these days). She also runs a Foodie Pen Pals program that I recently signed up for – I’m excited to give it a try!

9. Smashed Peas and Carrots

I read Maggie’s blog for crafting inspiration. She can sew just about anything and comes up with the most creative projects for her kids. I have a list a mile long that I want to try!

10. Blonde Ponytail

Another Omaha blogger! Jess was also pregnant the same time as me and has an adorable baby girl, Jada. She also has a pup, Cooper who is a star on her blog :)
Jess is a certified trainer who blogs about maintaining a fit lifestyle.

Looking for a way to manage reading your blogs? After seeing great reviews, I recently started using bloglovin’ and I agree, it’s awesome! It’s a great way to view new content and keep your feeds organized! Click the bloglovin’ button on the right of your screen to add Makingmine to your list :) 

Have a blog you think I should add to my morning routine? Leave a link in the comments below!

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