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For anybody doubting the power of Twitter…

Sure, Twitter is fun for following random celebrities, checking out what friends are up to/eating, and getting the latest news, but I recently experienced the true power and reach of social media. Check it out…

Yesterday I went to Crate and Barrel in search of candle holders (yes, I’m just THAT exciting) and realized that some of J and my wedding registry items were discontinued. The associate at the the store offered to help me track them down from other stores and have them shipped to my home. I went off to work a shift at Baby Gap (another exiting factoid about me) and returned to C&B when it was over. During that time, the associate had made countless phone calls tracking down the 10 placemats I needed. She ended up finding all 10… from 6 different stores. She had all the paperwork ready to go, so I just had to pay and be on my way. In short, it was AMAZING customer service! So many other places would have simply given me a phone number to call and sent me on my way. I was floored. ALL of this work for 10 placemats. Hey, at least my dining room table is going to look AWESOME.

In appreciation for this incredible level of customer service, I sent out this tweet:

Tweet from @joannaolson

This morning I got this reply back from C&B corporate:

Tweet from Crate and Barrel Corporate

Which is a great gesture by corporate- but I was shocked when it was followed by this reply:

Tweet from Crate and Barrel Richmond

One of the stores with my placemats had picked up the tweet and replied! This tweet was closely followed by a reply from the Mayfair store itself.

Tweet from Crate and Barrel Mayfair

So to any companies out there who think social media is silly, or to any consumers who think they don’t have a voice, I beg to differ. One little tweet (30 seconds of my time) connected me with the home store that provided me with great service, corporate itself, AND the store halfway across the country that found my placemat. If that doesn’t show the reach of social media, I don’t know what does :)


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