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our 1st friendsgiving

When we lived in Milwaukee, our friend Sarah hosted a “Friendsgiving” at her home every year. It was an annual celebration of friends, fun, and of course, plenty of food. We were sad to miss Sarah’s Friendsgiving this year, so we decided to create a new tradition of our own!

Last night we hosted our 1st (of many hopefully) Friendsgiving! It was an extremely busy weekend, and I wasn’t quite as prepared as I had hoped. Everything takes about twice as long to do when there’s a baby around, haha! It all still pretty much came together on time though!

We had 13 guests who all brought a side or dessert to share. Jeff and I were in charge of the turkey, dressing and salad. I also made a batch of cupcakes because I just can’t help but jump at the chance to bake!

Some of the other dishes included creme brûlée potatoes, pumpkin pie, falafel and hummus, corn bread muffins, and fruit salad. It was all AMAZING! Here’s a rundown of our portion of the food:

The Turkey

I bought a pre-brined turkey this year and wasn’t too impressed. Last year we brined our turkey ourselves and it ended up being super moist and flavorful. This one turned out quite dry unfortunately. Next time I’ll definitely revert back to our old method and use the Fire & Flavor brining kit! (Unless someone has an awesome technique they want to share!)

The Dressing

There were a few vegetarians in attendance, so I wanted to be cognizant of their menu needs too. I made an Apple & Herb dressing from Williams-Sonoma. It was really good and didn’t make me miss traditional stuffing in the least! It was really simple to make (which is always a plus), and didn’t require any crazy ingredients or kitchen gadgets.

The Cupcakes

I made an all-time love of mine – devils food! I used my favorite gal Martha Stewart’s recipe along with her chocolate ganache. I whipped up enough ganache for about 100 cupcakes, so there was quite a bit left over (oops!).

They turned out beautiful though and were super tasty. I finally figured out how to make them look smooth and glossy after watching this video (thanks google!). You just dip and twist!

We had a great time, and it was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season! I hope we can do it again next year, and I know Ruby pup agrees! She was definitely in her element waiting for any food to be dropped at the buffet line…

ruby pup
Your turn:

Have you every heard of or been to a Friendsgiving?
What dish are you most looking forward to this holiday?
How do you prepare your turkey? 
I wasn’t too happy this time around and would love more ideas!


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