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gaga in texas

Remember that Dallas trip from last month? Well I finally got to cash in on my birthday present from Jeff! He surprised me with Lady Gaga tickets and a fun night out with my sister and her husband! It was an absolute blast with a night WAY out of the ordinary for us.

I wouldn’t consider myself a Gaga super fan, but I do like to run to her music. Now after enough neighborhood runs, I pretty much have everything memorized! With my parents along as superstar babysitters, we left the three girls for a parents’ night out – Gaga style!

Eleanor did her best Gaga impression in an effort to score an invite, but alas, she had to stay at home with the littles…

lady gaga dallas texas
Rachel and I had so much fun shopping for our Gaga gear together! I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard, haha! And getting free reign to make our husbands look absurd was pretty awesome too! ;)

We started with dinner at a Mexican restaurant downtown Dallas. Rachel and I got plenty of stares, but people were pretty surprised when Jeff and Devin pulled out their hot pink wigs and boas ;)

lady gaga dallas texas
I think our crew looked pretty good…

lady gaga dallas texas
We grabbed some drinks and walked around the arena to see all of the amazing costumes. I would say about 90% of the concertgoers were decked out in ridiculous outfits – here are a couple of my favorites…

lady gaga dallas texas
Our guys were a huge hit. They’re both pretty tall, so they towered over the crowd in their hot pink hair. They got asked for TONS of pictures – I bet their photos are floating around the internet on someone else’s blog :)

lady gaga dallas texas
We’re pretty boring/old and not used to staying up very late, so the wait for Gaga seemed really long. When she finally got on stage around 10 (2 hours past my bedtime, haha), it was well worth the wait. She’s an amazing performer and put on a fantastic show! She played all of her biggest hits along with some great songs from her latest album. Born this Way and Applause were two of the highlights of the night!

lady gaga dallas texas
Jeff did a great job on scoring the tickets and I loved the surprise! I think we need to make it an annual tradition with Rachel and Devin – who should we see next year?!

Also, I plan on keeping this photo to embarrass Eleanor as a teenager – world’s most humiliating parents?

lady gaga dallas texas
Your turn:

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

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