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Christmas shopping has to be one of my favorite things to do! This year I have a baby of my own to buy for, so it’s even better! It’s not always easy to think of gifts no matter how well you know someone, so I decided to put together a quick gift guide of some of the things topping the list of a few of my loved ones…


Eleanor didn’t get much say in her “wish list” this year, but I tried to create an eclectic mix of different styles of toys that served different developmental purposes – plus, I made sure to include new books to add to our ever growing library!


Baby's 1st Christmas
Next we have Ruby’s wish list. We couldn’t leave our beloved pup off our Christmas tree, so she’ll be getting a personalized ornament from Pottery Barn – she is our #1 pet after all. Otherwise, her stocking is fairly simple this year with a new antler and some yummy treats.


For the Pup
My sister who is also a new mom helped me put together this list. She introduced me to Chew Beads which is fashionable jewelry that doubles as teethers for your baby – genius! For me a great camera for capturing family moments is also at the very top of the list.


Mom's Stocking
As always, I had a blast shopping for my 3 year old niece. She’s in a PreK program now where they are working on developing fine motor skills. I wanted to get her a variety of art supplies to work on different skills. I found a mix of crayons, paints, stamps and scissors. I hope our budding artist has fun creating new masterpieces!


Toddler Art

I’m not done with my shopping yet, but we have a few gifts under the tree. We also have this cutie…

The babies are the easiest, so I just have a few of the “big kids” (aka Jeff) left to shop for :)

Your turn:

Do you enjoy holiday shopping? Malls are crowded, but I LOVE the decorations!
Who is the hardest to shop for on your list?

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