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give thanks

I have so much to be thankful for this year: a healthy baby, wonderful family & friends, a new home… the list goes on and on!

thanks to Makingmine readers
But beyond my traditional gratitudes, I’m also thankful for you, my readers!

This blog has grown so much in the past few months, and everyday I look forward to visiting my own little corner of the internet! I love reading your comments, hearing your stories, and getting your advice. Makingmine has connected me with new friends from all walks of life, and for that I am thankful!

thanks to Makingmine readers
I hope you are enjoying a day filled with thanks! I will be spending the day snuggling my little nieces! Make sure you check out the Chic Pipsqueak and Narnia giveaways between turkey and stuffing :)

Your turn:

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? No real traditions here – we do something different every year!
Are you a Black Friday shopper? I’m not – I like to take my sweet time shopping, so rushed crowds aren’t my thing! :)


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