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glow run 5k

Yesterday I posted about how Jeff and I spent our anniversary, but our celebrating didn’t stop there! We had not one, but TWO date nights! On Saturday we skipped the wine and headed down to the Louis & Clark landing for the Glow Run 5k. It was a really fun event, but I didn’t end up getting to run – more on that later!

glow run 5k omaha
We arrived around 7:00pm to pick up our packets and get all checked in. It was a pretty large race, so I’m happy we got there early enough to avoid crazy lines. The swag for the race was pretty awesome – a neon shirt, TONS of glow sticks, a finishers medal, and free glow face painting (if you were willing to wait in line).

We got all decked out in our glow gear and took some photos. I apparently hulked out on my glow sticks because I broke more than one – whoops!

glow run 5k omaha
Then I tried to stretch out a bit and it became clear then that I wouldn’t be able to run.

Earlier this week during my two short runs, my hip was bothering me. By the end of my second 4 mile run, I could hardly stride with my right leg. I could only step up to be even with my other leg. Hard to explain, but basically – it REALLY hurt! I decided to take a rest for a couple of days to see if it would feel better on its own.

Fast forward to Saturday – I went to Peak Performance to get fitted for some new running shoes. I wanted something with more cushion and stability and they got me set up with a pair that I think I’m going to love. However, when I tried to test them on the track in the store, I absolutely could NOT run. I had piercing pain in my hip with the very 1st step.

Why did I think I’d be able to do a 5k six hours later? No clue. I guess I didn’t want to miss out on the fun :(

I decided that the short term gains of running that night didn’t balance out any risk of adding further injury. So… Jeff went ahead and ran on his own, and I got to be his cheerleader.

glow run 5k omaha
He decided not to treat it as a “fun run” and he really pushed himself! He ended up finishing 14th overall and had an AWESOME time!

glow run 5k omaha
We snapped a couple of photos under the black lights and headed home.

glow run 5k omaha
I’m not going to lie, sitting on the sidelines was NOT fun, and I hope I get things figured out before next weekend. We’re scheduled to do the Warrior Dash in Iowa, and I REALLY do not want to miss out! I guess my new shoes are going to have to wait until next week…

glow run 5k omaha
The only other bummer of the evening was that the only way to exit the parking lot was through the race course itself, so we had to wait for EVERY SINGLE participant to finish before we could leave. Poor course design, but on the bright side, it extended date night for an extra hour :)

Your turn:

Have you ever done a glow run? 
Ever had hip pain like this? What should I do? (I can only Google so much, haha)

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